Top Office Renovation Tips for Your Business and Home Spaces

July 29, 2018     News Refurbishments & Renovations

Are you thinking of updating or renovating your workspace? Cowleys are on hand to make every process stress-free and professional from start to finish, so check out our top renovation tips for your office work-space.  

First, work with what you have


Office renovation planning

Probably the most important thing to bear in mind when planning your office renovations, is to work with what you already have. If there are parts of the office which are beneficial but you are unsure if they will fit into your perspective design plans, talk to your knowledgeable commercial building contractor.

For example, if you have a disused cupboard or large space, then you may think about transforming it into an alternative relaxing work space for your employees to communicate on a comfortable level.

Websites such as Pinterest offer fantastic visual recommendations and inspiration if you are struggling to integrate existing features into your new design plans and ask your staff what features they would like to see/have in the new space.

Consider eco-friendly and sustainable options

With sustainable living and work spaces becoming an ever-growing alternative, it’s easy to see why these cost-effective office refits are taking place. When going through your design process, depending on the budget and size of the renovation, take into consideration things such as energy efficient windows (double glazed) and lighting.

Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED functioning lights can lower the electric bill and double glazing will reduce heating bills in the winter months. Natural lighting is a brilliant alternative here and opening the windows for fresh air could lessen the cost and use of air-conditioning in the summer months.

Making eco-friendly adjustments will add to the recognition of your business and is always a selling point when it comes to attracting new clients.

Light and natural design


Natural light in office

As mentioned above, having a light and natural work space can help the overall productivity of your employees. If you have dull, dark colours on the walls and the office accessories, consider upgrading to a natural colour scheme. Block and dull colours can make big rooms seem smaller which isn’t desirable when you want to expand your business.

Neutral and pastel shades of paint look great on walls, and can easily be incorporated into your company brand and ethos. If your logo is a shade of dark blue, toning the work-space down with a light egg-shell blue paint will maintain the brand, but offering a crisp, contemporary edge.

Prepare a realistic time-scale and budget

Regardless of the size of the project, no one likes to be out of pocket, or out of time. Making sure you have a realistic time scale and budget set for your upcoming project is so important, and shouldn’t be considered lightly. Having a trusted building contractor is key, and communication with them regarding both the budget and time-scale should be at the top of the list.

Prioritising things such as construction surveys and building health and safety regulations can make the project flow a lot easier and save a lot of time in the long-run, as well as being flexible with your budget if the worst-case scenario does occur.

Local property refurbishments | Cowleys

Here at Cowleys we produce quality finishes on office renovations for businesses across the southwest. Our friendly team are always on hand to talk you through your plans for your next project however big or small, so get in touch with us today!


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