Environmental Policy

CBM recognises the impact of the building industry on the environment. As a result, we aim to develop our environment Policy and actively response to all current legislation and make all aware of CBM policy needs.

CBM Principles:

Operational Management Plan

CBM are aware that within the building trade, materials and buildings need to address the impact that this trade has on the environment.

We have identified a number of areas for improvement and our environmental policy aims to prioritise these issues to achieve improvement.
CBM policy towards the environment is to adopt best guidance practice towards the impact on the environment including a site waste management plan.
The management is committed to educate and train all employees, contractors and suppliers to be active towards the
environmental policy and all it s requirements.

Training will be achieved through tool-box talks, Specialists training, Web-site information and electronic up-dates from environmental bodies.

Training will be on best adopted practices towards;
1; Waste disposal
2; Water discharges
3; Land contamination
4; Noise pollution
5; Air emissions
6; Material source

Monitoring/Material Sourcing.

The management is to monitor the building environment as part of our policy decision making.

To develop and maintain an active and effective Waste management system.

Materials to be sourced where applicable from managed suppliers that adhere to strict environment guide lines.
They must source 5% of timber from FTS registered or must be an FTS registered company.

Where applicable materials will be from managed suppliers.

CBM will where applicable source material to have a low impact on the environment, we will ensure this by sourcing from managed suppliers that adhere to strict environmental guide lines.

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