Fighting The Builder Stereotype

March 20, 2018     News

It’s no secret what many believe builders in Exeter to be: loud, sexist, and aggressive. It can hurt being called that unrelentingly, you know. It’s an unfair stereotype to those who like to conduct themselves with respect and professionalism. We think the stereotype is something that should be challenged. So we do. Every day.

Us here at Cowley’s like to do things a bit differently. We like to, as builders in Exeter, to set an example. We don’t bark, we listen. Why do we do this?

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Betters Our Image

Giving into the builder cliche isn’t something any of our guys want to do. Like us, They want to challenge it! They want to subvert the understanding as they don’t like being associated with it. And we can’t blame them, who would? They want to be associated with an image of kindness.

Makes People More Comfortable

This pursuit of a better image is better for everyone, really. Our guys get to feel better about themselves and challenge a negative stereotype, the other side? People in the who encounter our builders in Exeter get to feel a bit more comfortable, which is wonderful. For years, perhaps inadvertently, builders have intimidated; we went that to be different.

Jobs Go Smoother

Because of this more relaxed atmosphere, our clients are more open to communicating their qualms, which we listen to and adjust our process to. This means all jobs go much smoother and come the end both parties are very happier. I’m sorry, but we can’t see any negatives in that whatsoever.

Avoids Conflict

We don’t rile people up. Simple. We execute our roles with distinct professionalism and benevolence that is unknown to most builders in Exeter. Got a problem? As aforementioned, simply let us know and it’ll get sorted.

Overall, It Is A Nicer Way To Live

Not even considering how it betters one’s image, how it makes the jobs smoother, how it makes Cowley’s a nicer company, it just is a nicer way to live. So, why wouldn’t we do it?

Cowley’s – Builders in Exeter

This is us. We’re proud of the way we conduct ourselves. We think it separates us. Have any thoughts or questions on the topic? Give us a call. Would you like some builders who conduct themselves in this way? Once again, give us a call.

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