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February 26, 2018     News

It can be daunting choosing builders for whatever project you’re pursuing. The industry is somewhat known as a cowboy’s one. And we’ll admit it, yes, there are a lot of rogue traders out there. We however, aren’t one of them.

Here at Cowley’s, we operate with a handful of promises. These promises don’t only exist to better our name, they exist so that when your project is ongoing you can relax. You don’t have to worry about whether anyone’s slacking; whether the project is done to a tee; whether you’re getting your money’s worth; you, quite simply, don’t have to worry. At all.

Here are those vital Cowley’s promises:

We Are Trustworthy

Our team isn’t so small that it can’t handle your project, but it also isn’t so big you can’t get to know everyone. Which is a concept we love and our clients have loved too. There are faces to the process. Both for us and for you. Due to this, there’s a certain degree of trust which you’re somewhat unlikely to get elsewhere.

This trust will ensure our time together is a smooth one. From start to finish, you’ll have peace of mind.

We Are Economical

Our pricing isn’t a random number plucked out of thin air. There’s a procedure. A somewhat meticulous procedure. A procedure, for the sake of transparency and the aforementioned trust element, we’re willing to let you in on.

Firstly, we work out material costs. Secondly, we work out labour costs. That’s it. No hidden costs. If asked, we’ll show you how we got to our final price.

We Are Invested

Perhaps our biggest and best promise, we’re invested. For us, this isn’t a 9-5. This doesn’t just enable us to live our lives and pay our bills. As Exeter Builders, We care about these projects of ours; we never leave a job unless we’re totally satisfied with the final outcome. And once again, this only benefits you. Yes, it may take longer, but quality does take longer. We’re sure you’ll only be pleased.

We Are Friendly

We’re not stereotypical Exeter Builders. We don’t wolf whistle and have a diet exclusively made up of bacon sarnies. Well… actually, we may have the latter, but we certainly don’t wolf whistle!

Exeter Builders

We’re a friendly team. Whether you’re talking to Claire in the office or Steve on site, we’re always there, ready to talk. Whether it’s regarding the project, last night’s football, the recent happenings in Eastenders – whatever, we love it.

We’re Cowley’s | Exeter Builders

Although individual promises, when all together this is what makes up Cowley’s. It’s what separates us. It’s why we’re sure you’re going to choose us for your next project. Why we’re sure we’re the best Exeter builders around. Why we’re proud of what we do. Want to witness these promises of ours? Give us a call, we’re sure we can have something arranged.

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