Single Storey Extension – Private Client

Home extensions are certainly part of our forte. We recently worked with a private client who required a single-storey home extension.

Our team of extension builders began by performing a demolition of existing outbuildings, we then dug out and installed new drainage and footings, cast new concrete footing, built walls up to damp course, installed floor joists, built walls up to wall plate level and installed lintels for doors and windows.

Once the initial work was complete, we added brickwork to match the existing appearance, cut and fit roof rafters, fit uPVC fascia and gutters and downpipes, felt and batten and slate roof, installed uPVC windows and door and removed the existing back door, kitchen window and wall.

Comprehensive Extension Plans

Using our expertise and experience in house extensions, we installed steel beams and fixed plumbing and electrics, laid insulation between joists, chipboard flooring and ply. Moreover we then constructed studwork to form a new WC, removed the existing service hatch frame, blocked up part of the opening, fit new lining to hatch and installed glass.

The next stage was to fix two door linings and doors, installed insulation in the roof area and plasterboard over, ply sheet in WC, dot and dab to masonry wall areas, plasterboard to WC studwork, skimmed over, installed new Kitchen and WC sanitary ware, second fix plumbing and electrics, tiled the kitchen and decorated to finish.

On the exterior, our Exeter extension builders formed new steps outside the back door, created a new concrete path, re-fixed the fencing and manoeuvred the back gate into a more accessible position.